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it goes like this

it goes like this

The vocabulary used to describe modern art is often complicated and full of jargon; either so much is said of so little or little is said of much. Me,  I try not to be difficult. Art is why I get up in the morning but I’m not attempting to convey any grand statement beyond telling you of my day. On sunny days I like to stand on street corners in crowded cities just to watch the people walking by. On rainy days I like to sling paint onto things and call it art. Sometimes people give me money for this. That’s kinda cool.

My paintings are a blend of shimmering colors, simple shapes, random illustrations and metal leaf mixed together and held in place by luminous oils used to convey the essence of a marshy beach, a tall building, a fast car, a broken heart, basic mathematics, sailor tattoos, and the stories told along the way.

I bet if you sit back, relax a bit and look hard enough you’ll even see the map to my house that I’ve carefully drawn for you. You’re invited to come on by, take a look around and seek your own conclusions…

& it goes like this…



The Little Beasties Pet Project – A Portrait Series

Original Paintings & Hand Drawn Digital Illustrations

A Portrait of Jack – Watercolor on Wood Panel – 10″ x 10″

(Private Collection – New York City)

I don’t think of Jack-A-Lopes when I think of Jack but if you knew Jack it would make sense. When it came to my mind there was no question about it. He would wear those antlers well if he actually had antlers growing out of his head. Where else would a little two inch tall Jack-a-Lope live? Of course! A little golden birdcage hanging from a tree branch & surrounded by cherry blossoms. One thing quickly led to another as they tend to do these days and this little painting is the result. 

~ Michelle Stewart


The Hollywood Loteria Series

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas, 5″ x 7″

Tile Series

100 Paintings Created During The First Decade of The New Century

Oil & Metal Leaf/Mixed Media on Canvas, 12″ x 12″

Square Roots

Select Paintings from The First Decade of The New Century

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas, Various Sizes

Color Field of Dreams

Color Field of Dreams and Post-Painterly Expressions

(No Lyrical Abstractions Here… Just a Few Pieces from the Beginning of a 15 Year Career Slinging Paint)

Oil & Mixed Media Paintings on Canvas

Drawn & Quartered

Select Paintings from The Drawn & Quartered Series

Oil, Acrylic & Metal Leaf on Canvas Board, 16″ x 24″

Fly By Night

Fly By Night – Flying Fish Tryptych

Gouche on Paper – 40″ x 45″


Portrait of Bob

Oil, Acrylic & Metal Leaf on Paper, 42″ x 54-ish”

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